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Luc Harvengt

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P4 (FCBA): Luc HARVENGT, Dr e mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Born 4th october 1969 at Mons (Belgium), Belgian


Current Position: since June 2007 : Manager of FCBA's biotechnology lab, domaine de l'Etancon, F-77370 Nangis, France, Tel +33 1 60 67 00 32, Fax +33 1 60 67 02 56, e-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

FCBA technological institute (French state of "Centre Technique Industriel") is the private R&D center of the French Wood and Furniture industry (including Pulp and Paper industry, Panel industry, and Sawmills).

Previous positions: Head of Biotechnology, AFOCEL (2001-2007); R&D project manager, AFOCEL Biotechnology,(1996-2001)

Education : M Sc in Agricultural engineering (1992), Master in teacher training (1992) and Ph D in Biological Engineering and Agricultural Sciences and Habilitation Plant Molecular Biology (1996) from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Gembloux (Belgium). Certificate of Equivalence with Habilitation in Plant Cell Biology from University of Nancy (France, 2001).

Experience: He worked for 15 years in plant tissue culture and genetic engineering.

Since 2001, he is managing private and public R&D project on forest tree genetic resources management, molecular markers, cryopreservation, tissue culture and genetic engineering, including management of two patents and ownership rights on a Eucalyptus gunnii clone (worldwide propagated for ornamental use; E gunnii "Azura"). In addition to R&D activities, the biotech lab is performing small- to mid-scale commercial accelerated production of eucalyptus sp elite plants through "fast" tissue culture and cryopreservation for national and international industrial customers (early propagation of newly selected clones with low response to classical vegetative propagation techniques.

Supervisor of 15 M Sc and supervisor/co-supervisor of 5 PhD

PARTICIPATION IN RESEARCH PROJECTS. He got experience in managing large projects as project and WPs co-ordinator in past EU research projects. Participation in recent national project (ANR GNP05013C) GENOQB - Genomics of wood formation and molecular tools for breeding wood quality in maritime pine (2006-2009, coord C Plomion) , Participation in current ERA-PG projects : ERA-PG–06054 project EUCANET (coord J Grima-Pettenati) and ERA-PG-10xxx project Sustainpine (2010-2013, Pinus pinaster genomics) as national and WP3 (transgenesis for functional validation) coordinator. Scientific coordinator of two large (around 3 M€) 3-year  projects on maritime pine biotechnology (Aquitania region and IPMF/Xylofutur competitiveness cluster, 2005-2008 and 2009-2011). 3-5 internal (own funded) research projects are permanently running at FCBA biotech lab as it was at AFOCEL Biotech lab (on tree molecular markers, cryopreservation, transgenesis and tissue culture).

Referee for: Plant Cell Tissue Organ Cult, Ann For Sci, Scan J For Res, Can J For Res, Trees - Structure and Function; Referee for Scientific project for "Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la nature et les technologies "(Canada) and INRA/Ministry of Agriculture (France). Invited papers and session chair at IUFRO Tree Biotechnology and other international meetings

List of 5 publications of the team  relevant to the proposal :

Pérez Rodriguez, M. J., Suarez, M. F., Heredia, R., Avila, C., Breton, D., Trontin, J. F., Filonova, L., Lepoittevin C, Garnier-Géré P, Hubert F, Harvengt L and Plomion C (2010) Disentangling diversity patterns due to demography or natural selection in Pinus pinaster transcription factors involved in wood formation. Genetics (submitted):

Lepoittevin C, Frigerio JM, Garnier-Gere P, Salin F, Cervera MT, Vornam B, Harvengt L and Plomion C (2010) In Vitro vs In Silico Detected SNPs for the Development of a Genotyping Array: What Can We Learn from a Non-Model Species? Plos One (Submitted)

Bozhkov, P., von Arnold, S., Harvengt, L. and Canovas, F. M. (2006) Expression patterns of two glutamine synthetase genes in zygotic and somatic pine embryos support specific roles in nitrogen metabolism during embryogenesis. New Phytol 169: 35-44

Trontin JF, Walter C, Klimaszewska K, Park YS and Lelu-Walter MA (2007) Recent Progress in Genetic Transformation of Four Pinus spp (review). Transgenic Plant J 1:314-329.

Pâques M, Monod V, Poissonnier M and Dereuddre J (2002) Cryopreservation of Eucalyptus sp. shoot tips by the encapsulation-dehydration procedure. In: Towill LE and Bajaj YPS Cryopreservation of Plant Germplasm II Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry Vol 50 Springer Berlin:234-245.