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Clara Araujo

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P 7 (ALTRI, Portugal) ­

Name: Maria Clara de Carvalho Araújo

Birth place and date: Terras de Bouro, 30-04-1960

Nationality: PORTUGAL

Institutional address: Quinta do Furadouro, 2510 – 582 Olho Marinho - ÓbidosPORTUGAL

Telefone: 262965112; Fax: 262965109; Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Academic degrees: B. Sc. Forestry, 1986, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Lisbon)

Previous and current scientific and/or professional activities

2006 -at present, Forest Research and Development Manager, Silvicaima, Grupo Altri

1999-2006, Forest Research and Develoment Manager, Celulose Beira Industrial, (Celbi), S.A.

1992-1999, Forest Region Manager, Celulose Beira Industrial, (Celbi), S.A.

1986-1992, Research Officer, Celulose Beira Industrial, (Celbi), S.A.

Area of scientific activity

Stand management, nutrition, tree improvement. As R&D manager is responsible for the coordination of several projects, which covers different areas related with eucalyptus production, from tree breeding, to forest protection, plantation management, wood and fiber.

Present research interests: Nutrition, growth and productivity of eucalyptus, tree improvement, Sustainable forest management, Silviculture, forest operations and economics; Team and Project coordination.

Supervising experience

While responsible for a Forest Region or for R&D supervision of a team between 6 and 12 persons. Member of Celbi Forest Certification Team; Member of StoraEnso Research Team; Member of Celbi Forest Management Team. At present time, She is member of Silvicaima Certification Team; member of Silvicaima Coordination Group and member of Celbi Product Development group.

Participation in research projects

Participation in 10 national and international Project, one as PI.

Papers in scientific periodicals with referees

Nine papers in international and 4 papers in national scientific periodicals with referees.

Fontes, L., Landsberg, J., Tomé, J. Tomé, M., Pacheco, C. A., Soares, P. & Araújo, C. 2006. Calibration and testing of a generalized process-based model for use in Portuguese eucalyptus plantations. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 36: 3209-3221.

Reed, D. D., Jones, E. A., Tomé, M. & Araújo, M. C., 2003. Models of potential height and diameter for Eucalyptus globulus in Portugal. Forest Ecology and Management 172: 191-198.

Madeira, M.,Fabião, A., Pereira,J.S., Araújo, M.C., Ribeiro, C., 2002. Changes in carbon stocks in Eucalyptus globulus Labill. plantations induced by different water and nutrient availability. Forest Ecology and Management.171:75–85.

Pinto, G., Santos, C., Neves, L., Araújo, C. 2002. Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in Eucalyptus globulus Labill. Plant Cell Rep (2002) 21:208-213.

Ribeiro, C., Madeira, M., Araújo, M.C. 2002. Decomposition and nutrient release from leaf litter of Eucalyptus globulus grown under different water and nutrient regimes. Forest Ecology and Management 171: 31-41.