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Gustavo Lopez

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P10 (ENCE, Spain) ­Gustavo LOPEZ, Dr e mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Born: 19th August 1963 at Rosario, Argentina


Current Position: Researcher at “Centro de Investigación Forestal ENCE”, team leader

Ctra. A-5000 Km 7.5 – 21007 Huelva, SPAIN -Tel +34 959367740/Fax +34 959367759,

Academic Qualifications: PhD Thesis “Quantitative genetics & breeding of Eucalyptus globulus“, 2003 – University of Tasmania, AUSTRALIA


2004 – present: Research leader at ENCE forestry R+D (Spain);

1994 – 2004 Senior Research at Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (Argentina);

1993 – 1994 Manager I+D at Fiplasto Forestal Soc. (Argentina);

1989 – 1993 Researcher at Centro de Investigación Forestal (Argentina).

Research Projects

Gustavo Lopez has 20 year of experience in tree genetics and improvement mainly of Eucalyptus but also of Salicaceas. He coordinates a breeding program of Eucalyptus aimed to improve quantity and quality of pulpwood production. Actually is managing breeding populations and control crosses amongst parentals which combine rooting ability with others traits of interest, such as drought resistance, pulp yield, wood basic density. A recent project (P9, P7) has finished aimed to adjust the estimation of wood properties by NIR assessed. Currently, he is developing a project of species x site selection for biomass production and new selections on Eucalyptus sp. are ongoing. Gustavo has participated in previous projects (Australian National breeding program of Eucalypts, Portuguese–Argentinean project to improve E. globulus, Integrate genomics into tree breeding, Breeding values estimation of E. globulus). He has collaborated/published 14 publications in peer-reviewed international journals, one book chapter and presented several papers on international congress.


List of 5 publications relevant to the proposal

Cappa, E. P.; Pathauer, P. S.; Lopez, G. A. (2010). Provenance variation and genetics parameters of Eucalyptus viminalis in Argentina. (accepted)

Lopez, G. A.; Potts, B. M.; Vaillancourt, R. E. and Apiolaza, L. A. (2003).  Maternal and carry-over effects on early growth in a Eucalyptus globulus diallel. Canadian Journal of Forest Research Research 33 (11) pp 2108-2115

Lopez, G. A.; Potts, B. M.; Dutkowski, G. W.; Apiolaza, L. A. and Gelid, P. E. (2002).  Genetic variation and inter-trait correlations in a Eucalyptus globulus base population in Argentina. Forest Genetics 9 (3) pp 217-231

Lopez, G. A.; Potts, B. M.; Dutkowski, G. W. and Rodriguez Traverso, J. M. (2001).  Quantitative genetics of Eucalyptus globulus: Affinities of land race and native stand localities. Silvae Genetica 50 (5-6) pp 244-252

Lopez, G. A., Potts, B. M. and Tilyard, P. A. (2000).  F1 hybrid inviability in Eucalyptus: The case of E. ovata x E. globulus.  Heredity 85 (3) pp 242-250