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WP4 - Project Coordination, Dissemination and Bioinformatic Platforms NETWORK

Under this WP, there are two major objectives:  i) Project coordination and management including planning, organizing, managing, and monitoring the integrated effort to achieve scientific objectives on time and within budget, and ii) Development of a bioinformatic tools and platform network

Task 4.1 Coordination, management, and dissemination The overall management is under the responsibility of the Coordinator (P1) assisted by a steering comittee (SC) composed of one member from each partner that will meet twice a year during the project meetings. The SC will assist the Coordinator with quality assurance and progress monitoring measures, ensuring that project tasks achieve targeted deliverables, preparation and submission of periodic scientific progress reports, and the organization of meetings. Through active monitoring, the SC will help to resolve any problems that participants may face in meeting deliverables through discussions with WP participants in a timely manner. As funding is being provided by agencies from the four different countries, a national coordinator for each country will be appointed. For ensuring technical success, Leaders have been defined for each WP as well as for each task. Each WP Team, chaired by the WP leader, will be responsible for ensuring completion of WP tasks. Each WP Leader will provide detailed coordination, planning, monitoring, reporting on the status of the task, and communicating with other WP Teams.  Periodic reports will be submitted by the WP Leaders to the Coordinator and the steering committee. Communication between participants will involve exchanges by e-mail, telephone and/or videoconference, and other communication methods as necessary to ensure project success. In particular, to facilitate communication across WPs, a website with intranet for an easy exchange of information will be developed, a “kick-off” meeting will be held at the onset of the project, and two annual meetings will be organized. Three levels of dissemination have been identified: i) Internal via internal meetings, regular contacts, and intranet website, ii) External scientific community via publications, conference attendance, public website, open databases, participation in other international initiatives, and new research collaborations to capitalise on project deliverables, and iii) External public at large via press releases and the website. Specific rules for exploitation and dissemination have been identified (see section 7 for details)

Task 4.2 TreeforJoules Bioinformatic network

A bioinformatic network led by P1, assisted by GenoToul Bioinfo and a Bioinformatic Committee composed of one member of each bioinformatic platform (P2,P5,P8,P11) will be established and developed through a website that will bring together and make interoperable the bioinformatics efforts developed on sequences, transcriptomic, phenotypic, genetic and diversity databases. To this end, we will take advantage and learn from an existing strong network “e-lab concept” implemented in the EU network of excellence “Evoltree” (Coordinated By A.Kremer) and will eventually connect our different bioinformatic databases to this large bioinformatic network set up for Forest trees.